The Culture of Nowness is a collection of essential texts for Social Meditation group leaders.

The book contains the core texts for giving the view, dyad practice, and other forms within Social Meditation, general instructions on facilitation, the stages of development of the field of warriorship in a group setting, and several short commentaries drawn from public talks.

The Culture of Nowness is available to all, but is intended as a companion for individuals training in giving the view or Social Meditation facilitation.

The book is available for purchase here


Nick has recorded three Social Meditation video training courses, and is in the process of recording several more. All courses are available at If you wish to take a course and the enrollment fee is an obstacle for you, please reach out to us at

Social Meditation Introduction is an eight-module course that offers a general introduction to and exploration of the main points of the Social Meditation practice. It is open to everyone, and is recommended for both new and experienced Social Meditation practitioners as an overview of the practice.

Cost: $108

Giving the View teaches students how to offer instruction for the practice of Social Meditation to others in a group setting, a practice called “Giving the View.” Learning takes place in three stages: memorizing the view of Social Meditation, internalizing that view into their own experience, and transmitting the view to others.

The course includes talks, contemplative exercises, and essay questions. Students also have an opportunity to practice giving the view in an audio recording format

Prerequisites: Completion of Social Meditation Introduction course, invitation to train in Giving the View by a group leader

Cost: $108


Tiger Facilitation Course 

In this course you will gain confidence in your ability to facilitate social meditation.

You will get to hear from other group leaders experiences of leading groups, as well as becoming more personally connected with the meaning of these words in the text Authentically Presenting.

Talks contemplative exercises and essay questions with instruction on how to apply the various dignities to facilitating the practice of social meditation will be explored.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand the meaning of the term Authentic Presence in the context of social meditation
  • Learn the aspects of Tiger Lion Garuda Dragon styles of facilitation
  • Understand the path quality of facilitation as a practice and offering
  • Share your understanding of Facilitating Social Meditation
  • Demonstrate your comprehension of the material presented
  • Learn directly from the experience of other Group Leaders
  • Share your responses to “scenarios” that can emerge in the actual public practice

Cost $150


Every Social Meditation group should have a relationship with a Group Mentor, an experienced Social Meditation facilitator from another community. If you are the Continuity Director for your Social Meditation group, or if your group doesn’t have a Continuity Director and you’re the most senior leader in the group, one of your responsibilities is to find a Group Mentor for your group.

All the group leaders within your Social Meditation group should have access to your group’s Group Mentor, who should be available by the voice messaging tool Voxer, and occasionally by video call as needed.

If your group needs a group mentor, we will be happy to make a connection! Email us at