What is Social Meditation?

Socially Relevant

In this time of social chaos, mindfulness and awareness practices need to build capacity for being both grounded in oneself and connected socially. Social meditation is a practice that teaches people to work with others right from the get-go.

Stripped down

Social meditation is presented in an accessible way that doesn't require previous knowledge of spiritual traditions. It presents the essence of meditation with simplicity.


We drop down from the world of thoughts in the head into the experiential somatic world of the body, where we can experience life on a deeper, more direct level. Thoughts are included, but they are not the final word on reality.


Social meditation is a social awareness practice without any fixed agenda or topic. This open space gives participants a chance to experience the vividness of the social process itself, and to become comfortable with themselves beyond "doing it right" or "having the right thing to say."


Social meditation is a learner-centric practice which encourages personal growth. Everyone's path is different and each individual is invited to engage in the practice at whatever level they feel comfortable. Both introverts and extroverts have found this practice helpful.


Social meditation invites and supports practitioners growing into trusting themselves and their spontaneous creativity. Many practitioners who did not initially identify themselves as creative find that over time they feel looser and more able to play and have fun.


In social meditation we drop our awareness from the head to the heart. This allows us to receive and process a greater range of social information and to develop kindness and responsiveness towards ourselves and others in social situations.

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